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Sujan Patel is the founder of Mailshake, a sales engagement software used by 38,000 sales and marketing professionals. He has over 15 years of marketing experience and has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Salesforce, Mint, Intuit and many other Fortune 500 caliber companies.
  • January 29, 2024

Start the year off right with a practical playbook that will help you adapt and evolve to the rapidly changing sales landscape. Buyers want a proactive salesperson who doesn’t miss a beat and isn’t afraid to share insights and opinions. Take a look at the article, “Buyers Want Sellers Who Have Opinions. Here’s How to Best Share Yours.” In addition, you’ll gain sales tips, master sales strategies, familiarize yourself with the new email strategies, and more in this week’s Accelerate newsletter.

🗓️ 5 Tips for a Successful Year of Sales

Gain practical and strategic advice for navigating business uncertainties, particularly relevant for the unpredictable landscape of 2024. The article emphasizes the importance of foundational elements like insurance and emergency savings to safeguard the business against unforeseen challenges. It also stresses the significance of deeply understanding customers, which is key in tailoring sales strategies and products.

Here are the key points and why they are essential for all sales professionals:

  • Protect Yourself With the Right Insurance Products
  • Build Your Emergency Savings
  • Know Your Customers
  • Make Goals and Track Them
  • Make Your Business Personable

Draft a roadmap for building a resilient, customer-focused, and goal-oriented sales strategy, essential for thriving in a fluctuating business environment.

🗾 3 Ways Sales Leaders Can Navigate the New Email Requirements by Google and Yahoo

Learn about the recent email policy changes announced by Google and Yahoo, which will be enforced starting in February 2024. These changes include stricter policies around email authentication, consent, and engagement, with potential consequences for senders who do not meet these requirements, such as email delays, blocks, or spam markings.

  • Email marketing is widely used for customer engagement in various regions, with a usage rate of 77.6%.
  • 77% of B2B buyers prefer to be contacted via email, which is more than double any other communication channel.
  • Personalized emails have an average open rate of 29.95%.
  • Segmented campaigns drive a 14.64% higher open rate.

Gain recommendations on how to prepare for these policy changes, including implementing email authentication, providing easy unsubscribe options, and enforcing spam control. measures. It highlights that these policy changes allow businesses to enhance their outbound sales strategies and improve customer engagement.

Grasp the potential impact of Google and Yahoo’s email policy changes on email marketing so you can gain insights and recommendations to adapt to these changes effectively.

👍 Elite Sales Strategies- Mastering Authority and Consultative Selling

This article is a must-read for sales professionals because it provides valuable insights and strategies for establishing real authority in B2B enterprise selling. Uncover the importance of moving from being a “needs something” salesperson to a “knows something” sales expert who can provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients.

Here are some key reasons why sales professionals should consider reading this article:

  • Differentiating from Gimmicks: In the world of sales, gimmicky tactics may work for some, but for those selling at the enterprise level, maintaining credibility and authority is crucial.
  • Introduction of “One-Up” Concept: Learn about the concept of being “One-Up,” which is about helping clients succeed by acquiring insights and information to make informed decisions.
  • Leveraging Experience: Sales professionals are encouraged to leverage their experience by sharing stories and lessons learned from previous client interactions.
  • Investing in Research: Discover the importance of research in understanding industry trends and specific client industries.
  • Building Authority for Success: Building authority can lead to more valuable client interactions and increased chances of winning deals.
  • Being One-Down for Client Understanding: While you may be “One-Up” in your industry, you may still be “One-Down” when it comes to understanding your client’s company and industry.
  • You’ll garner practical advice and strategies to establish real authority and provide exceptional value to your B2B enterprise clients.

🚀 7 Sales Phrases That Will Supercharge Your Credibility with Buyers

Examine the fundamental aspects of successful sales: communication and language. The article highlights the significance of speaking confidently and authoritatively to gain the trust and confidence of prospects.

Here are key reasons why salespeople should consider reading this article:

  • Impact of communication
  • Avoid pitfalls
  • Phrases for authority
  • Effective qualification
  • Gain control over communication

You’ll gain valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your communication skills and establish yourself as a credible authority in your field. Learn the importance of language in building trust with prospects and ultimately closing deals successfully.

🤝 Buyers Want Sellers Who Have Opinions. Here’s How to Best Share Yours

Are you ready to uncover valuable insights and practical guidance on how to add value as a salesperson in today’s competitive and information-rich environment?

  • Changing Sales Landscape: The internet has transformed sales dynamics, giving buyers access to abundant product information. This shift is crucial for sales professionals to understand.
  • Value Over Information: Providing product details alone is insufficient. Salespeople must become strategic advisors in their field of expertise to add real value.
  • COO’s Practical Guide: Examine a COO’s perspective on effectively sharing opinions with buyers, providing actionable steps and strategies.
  • Deep Understanding: Sales success hinges on a profound grasp of both the industry and the specific challenges faced by customers.
  • Building Credibility: To gain trust, share relevant facts unknown to the buyer, establishing credibility.
  • Effective Opinion Sharing: Learn to convey opinions effectively, leveraging your expertise. Examples cater to your niche.
  • Handling Pushback: Address buyer resistance skillfully, as it can lead to breakthroughs in thinking.
  • Trusted Relationships: Follow the plan to build enduring, trustworthy relationships with buyers, despite the challenges.

You’ll gain a practical playbook for adapting to the evolving sales landscape, building trust with buyers, and adding real value by offering informed opinions and insights.


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