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Sales Engagement: Definition, Examples, and Platforms

Sales engagement “platforms” were virtually unheard of before 2013, but they’re now rapidly becoming a mainstream software category. For many, however, sales engagement is still somewhat of a fringe term that leaves a lot of questions unanswered, such as: What is sales engagement? How does it differ from sales enablement? What do sales engagement platforms do? …

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Value-Based Selling: What It Is and How To Do It

Value-based selling puts your customers and their needs front and center. This sales method focuses on emphasizing the value your customers will get from your product or service, thereby making price seem less important and helping to reduce the fear of change. Value-based selling is becoming an increasingly important sales tactic – Forrester predicts that …

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A Step-by-Step Process for Qualifying Sales Leads

Sales teams can sometimes be a little… shortsighted. Consider this: prospecting is the number one concern for sales professionals. On the face of things, that’s entirely understandable – after all, the more time you spend speaking to prospects, the more deals you’ll close, right? Not necessarily. The best salespeople understand that prospecting is only one …

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