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  • June 5, 2024

LinkedIn is an excellent sales tool

But only for those who know how to use it.

For the rest, it’s a great platform to make a mockery out of yourself and get ignored.

If you don’t want to join the latter camp, scroll to the end to understand how LinkedIn prospecting really works.

But before you go, check out this sales stat of the week:

In a survey, 40% of B2B marketers said LinkedIn is their most effective lead generation channel.

Know how to use it.

The Five Skills You Need to Be a Great Sales Leader

Transitioning from a sales rep to a sales coach is not an easy journey. Your success no longer depends on how many sales you make. Instead, it pivots on how well your team performs. This article from Forbes contains five important skills to assist this transition.

They are compiled after an interview with the famous David Priemer, who has led sales teams of four fast-progressing startups (including Salesforce).

You will also find a bonus tactic to apply right now and improve your coaching skills.

Why Outdated Sales Tactics Fail in 2024 and How to Build Trust Instead

Are manipulation and bullying part of your sales strategy? If yes, it’s time you rethink your approach.

These outdated tactics work only on people who are not comfortable with conflicts. But if you want to establish a large and loyal clientele that has all types of people, you need to use a modern sales approach based on trust.

Learn what this sales approach is and how it works in 2024. Also, discover the many outdated tactics used in different industries, so you can avoid them.

How to Build a Sales Team for Success: 10 Actionable Steps

Did you know high-performing sales teams use three times more sales technology compared to low-performing teams? Or that 90% of thriving sales reps say their leadership discourages short wins over long-term relationships?

You see, knowing the way a sales team is built for success is important. This UpLead blog post tells you exactly how to do that in ten actionable steps, which are:

  • Goal setting
  • Definition of your sales team organization
  • Recruitment
  • Performance tracking
  • Clarity with expectations
  • Mentorship
  • Sales tools investment
  • Process optimization
  • Giving feedback
  • Celebrating wins

This post explains each step in detail. By the end of it, you will be ready to set up your sales team for success.

The 50 Best Online Sales Resources

Every sales professional craves an online resource that can teach them all the latest trends and techniques quickly.

If that’s you, you’re in luck because Nutshell has created the ultimate sales resource for you.

In this listicle, you will find the 50 best online sales resources, from podcasts to email newsletters and more.

A Great Sales Pitch Hinges on the Right Story

There’s no denying that a successful sales pitch requires excellent storytelling. You should not deceive the prospect, but you must emphasize how your product can solve their needs in a way that captures their attention. This requires you to:

  • Listen carefully
  • Empathize
  • Create an emotional connection
  • Persuade

You see, the art of creating stories around your product and delivering them perfectly is unique. Want to learn it? This Harvard Business Review article teaches you how to master it in just three steps.

LinkedIn Prospecting: Best Practices & Messaging Examples

LinkedIn is a gold mine for prospect data collection and outreach.

But the way you approach your prospects makes a world of difference in your success. You can either choose the Value Bombing tactic or Cold Prospecting. Both have their pros and cons.

My team at Mailshake discusses a unique way to get the best of both worlds in LinkedIn prospecting. They break it down in the form of best practices and message examples in this blog post. Read to find out!

Prospecting on LinkedIn for Sales

Liked Mailshake’s blog post above? Well, you’re going to love our latest Shake Sales episode.

I interviewed Donald Kelly, a reputable sales leader who specializes in finding qualified leads and closing sales successfully.

He shares valuable tips on LinkedIn prospecting with me and answers questions like:

  • Is LinkedIn more effective for sales than email?
  • How do you connect with your prospects successfully?
  • How do you quickly make attention-grabbing LinkedIn videos?

You’ll also get actionable tips on finding your target profiles and using LinkedIn to close them. A must-watch.

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