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Entries Written Sujan Patel

How to Generate Leads from a Conference

With machine learning and automation on the rise, selling face-to-face at conferences may seem outdated – but it works. B2B marketers say live events are their second-best source of leads and drive the second-highest return on investment of any channel or tactic. However, there are no guarantees. No sales team can expect to simply arrive …

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What’s the Difference Between SPF and DKIM?

The inception of modern email was both exciting and problematic. We don’t have to tell you the kind of positive impact email has had on society, but it came with a lot of security risks as well. Email in the early days had limited mechanisms to support security and sender verification. Practically all viruses, spam, …

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How to Write a Follow-up Email After No Response

If the thought of writing a follow-up email makes you feel a little uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Our instincts tell us that if someone hasn’t replied to our first email, they’re not interested, and that they’re not going to like it if we bother them again. Unfortunately in this case, our instincts are often wrong. …

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