How BrandStar’s Marketers Generate Leads for Sales Using Mailshake

How BrandStar’s Marketers Generate Leads for Sales Using Mailshake

“BrandStar is a content marketing and production company. They help companies of all sizes build brand awareness and drive sales through digital, broadcast, and print advertising. Founded in 1994, the agency has helped over 10,000 emerging companies and Fortune 100 brands to reach and surpass their marketing objectives. As with so many agencies, the methods ...”

How ThinkAlike Agency Generated $250k in Revenue Using Mailshake

“How do you build an outsourced sales team from scratch? According to Zack Gutin, the key is relentlessness and the right technology. Gutin is the Founder of ThinkAlike Media, which is an LA-based marketing firm serving primarily B2B companies in media, entertainment, and technology. Gutin’s bread and butter is direct B2B sales outreach and media ...”

How First Hold Achieved a 60% Email-to-Lead Rate with Mailshake

“With the power of Mailshake, Jennifer Brown, President and Co-Founder of venue booking platform First Hold, has proven that there’s plenty of life left in one of the most pandemic-hit industries. The hospitality and events industry had a tough year in 2020, but even in the most difficult times, email marketing has shown its ability ...”

How Flowers Across Australia Scaled Their Linkbuilding with Mailshake

“Flowers Across Australia (FAA) sells premium dried flower arrangements, delivered fast to customers around Australia. But it hasn’t always been an internet success story. The brand started out as a brick-and-mortar store based in Melbourne, before shifting online in 2011. Search is a huge part of the business. To that end, the FAA team spends ...”

How to Use Job Boards & Review Sites with Mailshake to Generate Leads at Scale

“Pearl Lemon is an SEO & lead gen agency based in London, with clients predominantly in the UK and US. They’ve come up with a really simple and scalable approach to lead gen that uses Mailshake to reach leads generated on job and B2B review boards like AngelList and Clutch – and it’s delivering real ...”

How ThinkAlike Inc Uses Mailshake to Help its Clients Close Six-Figure Deals

“Using Cold Email Outreach to Help Clients Sell Smarter ThinkAlike Inc. is an LA-based consultancy that helps ambitious B2B brands sell their product. Working predominantly with small companies that create tech solutions for the media and entertainment industries, the ThinkAlike team is absolutely amazing at cold email outreach. Generating leads and booking product demos is ...”

How inBeat Uses Cold Email + LinkedIn to Connect Brands with Influencers

“As a hybrid software/agency offering both tools and a Done-For-You service to connect brands and agencies with influencers at scale, inBeat employs Mailshake in three different ways. David Mornneau, the co-founder of inBeat, explains how he uses Mailshake to boost results: “We’re using Mailshake on multiple fronts. I run and – one is ...”

How Square Peg Scaled Their Recruiting Outreach with Mailshake

“Square Peg is a modern staffing agency and job platform that helps companies hire in a data-driven way. What makes them unique is that they go the extra mile with candidate matching by using psychometric assessments, behavioral attribute tracking, and soft skill identification. Those extra data points help companies get better matches with their talent ...”

8 Lessons from Firing Squad on Optimizing Cold Email Performance

“Firing Squad is a B2B lead-generation service with offices in Cape Town and New York that recently made the transition from Reply to Mailshake. After 4 years and 140,000 emails sent personally and on behalf of his clients, Jason has been remarkably effective in his cold outreach. He consistently sees open rates of over 60%, ...”