8 Lessons from Firing Squad on Optimizing Cold Email Performance

“Firing Squad is a B2B lead-generation service with offices in Cape Town and New York that recently made the transition from Reply to Mailshake. After 4 years and 140,000 emails sent personally and on behalf of his clients, Jason has been remarkably effective in his cold outreach. He consistently sees open rates of over 60%, ...”

How Ashley Ryan Builds Authenticity at Scale With Mailshake

“Brand authenticity is a key element of successful marketing, and Ashley Ryan knows this well. She expertly leverages authenticity in her business to differentiate her company and build stronger connections with prospects and clients. As Founder and CEO of Her Smart Marketing, an agency focused on helping other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, Ashley has ...”

Value Over Sales: How Promotehour Uses ‘Good Email Outreach’ for Leads and Sales

“The days of ‘spray and pray’ campaigns are well and truly behind us. Sending out to thousands of recipients and hoping a few will respond is counterproductive at best. You’ll end up annoying most of them with irrelevant messages resulting in complaints that’ll hurt your sender reputation. Don’t do it. Email outreach and marketing can ...”

How a Help-First Mindset Can Deliver Leads, Referrals, and Revenue

“When is a sale not about a sale? It’s a trick question: all sales shouldn’t be ‘about’ the sale. They should be about helping someone solve a problem, fulfill a need, or scratch an itch. When you go into a cold email, a cold call, a meeting, a pitch, a follow-up, or anything else with ...”

How James Carbary Used Mailshake to Achieve An 85% Response Rate

“Pound for pound, cold email outreach is still the greatest source for high-quality leads. That statement shouldn’t come as a surprise. What is shocking is the mind-blowing 85% response rate that James Carbary, founder of content creation company Sweet Fish Media, achieved with one of his recent cold email campaigns. Even better, James shared with ...”
How Malartu’s Move to Marketing Automation Paid Dividends

How Malartu’s Move to Marketing Automation Paid Dividends

“Take a second to imagine the inbox of your average venture capitalist. Terrifying, right? You’d see pitch after pitch from startup entrepreneurs seeking funding, desperate to get noticed. On top of that, you’d have a huge number of emails from vendors cold-pitching products, hoping to pique their interest. Now, imagine you’re one of those vendors, ...”
Image of Nathan Barry

A Challenge, A Failure, and a Monster Success Story: Nathan Barry

“Allow me to challenge you. Starting today, I want you to build a web application that generates $5000 of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) within six months. Think you can do that? That’s going from $0 to $60,000 per year in only 180 days or so. How would that change your life?”
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How Kevin Miller Uses Mailshake to Promote Better and Generate Hundreds of Customer Reviews

“Kevin Miller knows a thing or two about digital marketing. He was previously the Director of Growth at Spire, and spent over two years at Google, working with SMBs and high-potential clients to grow their business and maximize their reach online. While there, he was consistently in the top 5% of North American performers. In ...”
How I Use Mailshake to Save a Ton of Time on Link Building Campaigns [Case Study]

[Case Study] How I Use Mailshake to Save a Ton of Time on Link Building Campaigns

“I build links for a living, and actually, I’m pretty good at it. One of the biggest problems with truly white hat outreach campaigns is the absolute massive amount of time that they take. If you want to rank your site in any moderately competitive niche these days you need to create remarkable content and ...”